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Imported Seeds

Turnip Purple Top:
This is an outstanding all-purpose variety. The round purplish top turnip can reach 5" in diameter. Harvest in 40-60 days or when white root with purple top reaches 4"-5" in diameter. The root is excellent raw, for pickling or cooking.








Carrot Durgesh Karoda :
Roots pure cylindrical, non hairy, thick attractive in colour, 6-7 inches long, very good strain. This improved version produces excellent quality carrots in deep orange red color, which are smooth and uniform in shape. The plant grows very well in summer for harvest in fall to winter. Easy to grow.









Beet Root Ruby Red:
Beautiful strain. Knobs pure deep red, globe in shape, uniform, on cutting inside dark red without stripes, sweet in taste.



Ridge Gourd






Coriander Vikram (Late Bolting Imported):
A late bolting variety suitable for sowing throughout the year especially in summers and rainy season. Plant growth vigorous with profused tillering from base of the plant itself. Side branches thick and succulent.Leaves broader, shining light green in colour and very fragrant. Bolting time May-June.



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