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Durga Fisheries , is a sister concern of Durga Seed Farm (Regd.), located in Village Natwal, District Panchkula, Haryana.We started its operation in 1992 with 2 ponds spreading over 3 hectare of land. Today we have aquaculture in more than 12 hectare with 7 different sized ponds varying from 1 to 2.5 hectare.

We rear our fish on a completely organic diet in as natural an environment as possible. This makes for a healthier, faster growing and environmentally friendly fish, which is non toxic in nature and is safe to eat. Keeping pace with the demand for proteins at a lower cost, we emphasize on production of those species of fish which have good taste and better nutritional value.

We have also been accoladed with various state awards for being one of the most scientifically and efficiently managed fish farms in its area. We provide employment to the local people thus doing our bit in the development and upliftment of the local area.

We rear the following Fish Species:

Catla Catla (catla)
A deep body with conspicuous head, large upturned mouth, non fringed lips, devoid of barbells and a broad dorsal fin with 14-16 branched rays are the identifying features. Feeds mainly on zooplankton and grows to a maximum size of 45 kg .It is fast growing species among the Indian major corps. First year growth is about 1.5-2 kg .Matures in the second year and breeds naturally in rivers during rainy season. Widely distribute in India , Pakistan , Bangladesh and Burma .

Labeo rohita (Rohu)
Of all the corps, this is considered as the tastiest fish. It has small and pointed head, terminal small mouth with fringed lower lip, a dorsal fin with 12-13 branched rays and dull reddish scales are its identifying features. Mainly feeds on phytoplankton and debris of aquatic plants. It is a fairly fast growing species and first year growth is around 900 grams. Maturity, breeding and distribution are same as catla.

Cirrhina mrigala (Mrigal)
A linear body, small head with blunt snout, sub terminal mouth with thin non -fringed lips, dorsal fin with 12-13 branched rays and a bright silver body having golden tinge are its identifying features, it is a bottom feeder on decaying organic and vegetable debris. Its growth in first year is around 700 grams. Time of maturity; breeding and distribution are similar to catla and rohu.

Ctenopharyngodon Idella (Grass corp)
This species is a Chinese carp, introduced in India in 1959 by importing from Hong Kong and Japan , Elongated body and broad head with rounded snout, slightly longer upper jaw, moderately sized scales with light greenish tinge and short interstine are its identifying features. Normally feeds on aquatic weeds and terrestrial grass (Napier) maximum size obtained is 30 kg. It has a fast growth rate and first year is 6.9 kg. Sexual maturity takes place in the second or third year.

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