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Kiwi Fruit also known as Chinese Gooseberry (Actinidia chinenses) belongs to family Rosaceae. Actinidia spp. can be found in Siberia , Korea & Japan through China to Indo-China , Thailand , India , Malaysia , & Indonesia .

Though the geographical center of kiwi fruit lies in the mountains and hills of South China , it has been commercially exploited in New Zealand where it was first introduced in early 20th century. In India , its cultivation is restricted to Himachal Pradesh, parts of J&K, Assam , Nagaland & Arunachal Pradesh. The major kiwi fruit of commerce is a warm temperate fruit, oval in shape (like chiku in appearance) having brown skin covered with short stiff hairs. The fruit, a berry, has a light green flesh with numerous small black colored seeds embedded in it. It is nutritionally rich with excellent medicinal property. The fruit is reported to have high antibiotic activity against a wide variety of diseases. It is the second rich source of vitamin C after Aonla and in considered to be very rich liver tonic. The kiwi fruit is also the best source of Vitamin E which is essential for blemish free healthy and glowing skin for long lasting youthful appearance. Though the New Zealand remains the largest producer, kiwi fruit is also grown in other countries like France , U.S.A, Italy , Spain , Japan and of course to some extent in India .

It was a misconception few years back that New Zealand is the sole producer of kiwi fruit but we ourselves have produced good quality kiwi fruit at our own orchard which is perhaps one of the largest kiwi orchard in India located at an altitude of 5000ft. above main sea level at Kumarhatti, Distt.Solan in Himachal Pradesh. As far as quality and taste of fruit is concerned, it is as good as of New Zealand produce. Moreover, it is an off season crop in India as kiwi is harvested in New Zealand in May while in Himachal Pradesh, it is harvested from October to December.

We have marketed the fruit in a very colorful and attractive ½ kg., 1kg, 2kg, & 4kg packing under the brand name of "Durga Plantations, A Durga Seed Farm (Regd.) Enterprise ".

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